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Haymart is a farming and milling operation headquartered in Patten, Maine. We produce the finest premium and super premium wood pellets from wood sourced primarily at from our thousands of acres of forests and farms surrounding our Mill.  We also produce a variety of organic grains.  Our grain production is Certified Organic by the Maine Organic Farmers & Gardener's Association ("MOFGA").  

For 2017, we have decided to plant hay on most of our farms in the Northeast to support the large number of organic dairies that surround our properties.  We expect to continue to develop our apple orchards and begin development of blueberry fields in our Enfield, Old Town, and Argyle properties.  

2016 was a busy for Haymart.  We joined Organic Valley's CROPP Grower Cooperative and hope to be delivered our organic barley and to Organic Valley farmers late last year.  We partnered with local Amish families to develop the Hidden Heirlooms orchard and continued to develop adoption of Hotties pellets.  

We are currently offering Hotties wood pellets for sale at the mill and via several retailers in Maine. 

Know Your Food

We are developing our farms in what we believe are the finest organic standards partnering with expert local farmers.  We believe strongly that food buyers are entitled to know exactly how and where thier food is grown and that fine foods, like fine wines, exhibit different charcteristics and tastes depending upon where and how they are grown.  Over time, haymart.com will create an online farm stand where customers can "pick" thieir produce from each of our farms. 

How to eat healthy?  Know your food! 

Haymart proudly partners with Maine Farmland Trust, Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association, the Maine Pellet Association and Organic Valley.

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