19 Mill Street, Patten, Maine 04765
(207) 528-2058

Haymart provides local one stop shopping for all of your bulk and bagged wood pellet needs.   Through Agri-Cal, we have been delivering wood pellets to institutions throughout Central and Northern Maine.  Most recently, we acquired Daigle Oil's wood pellet distribution business and will begin serving Daigle customers in Summer 2018.

We deliver the highest quality wood pellets by way of our bulk delivery truck right to your home or business. Our retail bulk truck holds up to 16 tons of loose pellets, which flow through a hose right to a fill pipe at your location and is deposited and stored in your storage unit.

Why Heat with Wood Pellets?  Wood pellets are a heating fuel made of clean, compressed sawdust. Pellets are efficient, easy to use, renewable and 100% natural. They have a low ash content and burn 8700 BTUS per pound, which translates to a clean, long burn.

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