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Our Story

Haymart was started by a lifelong resident of New York City who was tired of going to the supermarket and not knowing where his family's food was coming from.  Even the best supermarkets would only offer a few pictures and offer some examples of where certain types of food was sourced: not detail on where and how food was grown.  So Haymart was born of the vision that people who didn't live on a farm could be shown exactly where and how their food was grown and, like with fine wines, could understand the "provenance" of their food.

The vision was the easy part.  In order to be able to truly control the quality of the ground we are farming and what chemicals have gone into it, we decided to start by buying abandoned farms.  Over the past few years, we have been converting our farms into agricultural production.

We have since grown into 14 farms and over 4,200 acres of mostly organic farms and run a vibrant milling operation in Patten Maine.  Currently, our Mill produces premium wood pellets sourced from the wood on our farms.  In 2017, we planted our organic farms to barley, oats wheat and soybeans and have begun to re-develop our Hidden Heirlooms apple orchards in partnership with local Amish families.  

In early 2018, we acquired the Kay Farm in Patten, Maine.  This farm is very close to the Patten Mill and will make a great addition to Haymart's portfolio of farms.  

Most of our farms and our mill are in a very scenic part of Maine that not many people know about.  Many Amish families have been relocating to the Patten area and it's unusual not seeing an Amish cart if you spend a day there.  We're right at the footsteps of Maine Woods National Park.  For those who haven't visited, please come see this beautiful part of the U.S.A.

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